What Makes A Great Cheerleader?

What Is A Great Cheerleader? 

e14dfeaed7a5b1760017c56d79db216dHow can you enter into the category of a great cheerleading greatness? What does a great cheerleader do, act or say that makes him/her so different. It takes more than just determination or dedication. Lets go over some aspects that make up a great cheerleader and see where you might be lacking.

A Great Cheerleader:

-Isn’t afraid to try branch out. You should be willing to try new things wither you succeed or fail.

-Works his/her skills everyday. Weather it be stretching, dancing, tumbling, conditioning, or just facial expressions; work on something you know needs improvement.

-Has a good attitude- this includes a cheerleaders attitude towards themselves, their teammates and their coaches. Even just putting on a brave face and smiling can make a difference in the type of cheerleader you are and hope to be. This includes taking criticism constructively.

-Shares their talents- are you involved in your community do you help others pursue their dreams of being a cheerleader?

For some people cheerleading isn’t just something you do, its who you are, regardless of wither you’re at practice or a performance or just a the grocery store. As we have discussed here, being a great cheerleaders is more than just being talented it takes good behavior and heart. For tips on tryouts check out our ebook Secrets To Making the Cheer Squad.

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