The Advantages Of Incorporating Plyometrics Into Your Cheerleading Conditioning Program

The Advantages Of Incorporating Plyometrics Into Your Cheerleading Conditioning Program

Plyometrics is also known as Jump training. This type of work out uses the greatest power to strengthen your muscles. This is accomplished by using fast explosive movements repetitively with the goal of increasing power, strength and speed. For this reason plyo is not meant to be done every day as your muscles will need a rest from all the jumping. Adding plyometric training to your cheerleading practices will improve the height and power of your jumps and tumbling. Now you understand what plyo is and what it is meant to do, now lets discuss some ex’s you can add to your cheerleading regime. I will describe 3 simple plyo ex’s to help you achieve maximum power and strength.

Number 1:  Jump Squats 

-Begin with your feet shoulder width apart

-Lower into a squat position; bring your arms up, and elbows bent

-Push hips back and jump off the balls of your feet extending your body and letting your arm swing behind you

-Land softly on the balls of your feet and repeat  plyometric-jumpNumber 2: Front Box Jump

-Place a box 6 inches in front of you (or stand in front of something that is elevated and sturdy)

-Get into a squat position, again feet shoulder width apart

– Push hips back and explode (jump) up using your whole body including arms

-Land softly on the box with the balls of your feet.

-Step down and repeat, height can be added to increase difficulty

Number 3: Mountain Climbers

– Begin in high plank, keeping body straight and abs engaged

-Without rounding your back, bend one of your knees towards your chest

-Quickly extend that same leg into the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg

-Alternate back and fourth as quickly as possible

Each exercise should be done for approximately 45 seconds while resting for 15 sec. Then repeat as able and desired. I hope this gives you an insight into plyometrics and how you can use these techniques to improve your cheerleading skills.

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