Team Bonding

Coaches often spend extra time planning and preparing for practices but one of the most important things coaches can plan and make time for is team bonding activities. Most allstar gyms pull athletes from all surrounding areas, this means most of the athletes attend different schools. Usually, teams consist of returning athletes that have had the opportunity to get to know each other over the years, however there are always new members that join the team. To ensure a team’s success on the mat and in the gym, athletes should spend some time getting to know each other, as well as spending time together off the mat without the stress that can often be felt at practice.

IMG_5659Team bonding will help create an atmosphere in your gym that will foster hard work and encouragement amongst teammates. Trust between athletes will increases as they get to know each other and this will result in confidence in individual stunt groups and in your team as a whole. Teams that have had opportunities to bond and connect are more likely to motivate each other to become better.

Team bonding can be done in the gym supervised by a coach, or outside the gym planned by a team mom/parent, the team captain or a collaboration of ideas from all the athletes on the team. Varsity has provided a free list of ideas for bonding activities and games!

Whatever the age or level of your team, the importance of team bonding is the same!

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