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The Advantages Of Incorporating Plyometrics Into Your Cheerleading Conditioning Program

The Advantages Of Incorporating Plyometrics Into Your Cheerleading Conditioning Program Plyometrics is also known as Jump training. This type of work out uses the greatest power to strengthen your muscles. This is accomplished by using fast explosive movements repetitively with the goal of increasing power, strength and speed. For this reason plyo is not meant to be done every day as your […]

Sportsmanship In Cheerleaders

Sportsmanship In Cheerleaders  As competitive cheerleaders good sportsmanship is necessary to have the most success. Good sportsmanship can mean always-staying positive, respecting yourself, your teammates and your competitors along the way. As cheerleaders, we are visible members in our community that have the responsibility to be an example of positive sportsmanship weather you be cheering […]