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The Advantages Of Incorporating Plyometrics Into Your Cheerleading Conditioning Program

The Advantages Of Incorporating Plyometrics Into Your Cheerleading Conditioning Program Plyometrics is also known as Jump training. This type of work out uses the greatest power to strengthen your muscles. This is accomplished by using fast explosive movements repetitively with the goal of increasing power, strength and speed. For this reason plyo is not meant to be done every day as your […]

Sportsmanship In Cheerleaders

Sportsmanship In Cheerleaders  As competitive cheerleaders good sportsmanship is necessary to have the most success. Good sportsmanship can mean always-staying positive, respecting yourself, your teammates and your competitors along the way. As cheerleaders, we are visible members in our community that have the responsibility to be an example of positive sportsmanship weather you be cheering […]

What Makes A Great Cheerleader?

What Is A Great Cheerleader?  How can you enter into the category of a great cheerleading greatness? What does a great cheerleader do, act or say that makes him/her so different. It takes more than just determination or dedication. Lets go over some aspects that make up a great cheerleader and see where you might be lacking. A Great Cheerleader: -Isn’t afraid to try branch […]

Cheerleading Injury Awareness and Prevention

Cheerleading Injury Awareness and Prevention What Injuries Are Most Prevalent In Cheerleaders? Although cheerleading injuries might not be as frequent as in other sports, they seem to be more severe. It has been estimated that cheerleading injuries make up more than half of the catastrophic injuries in female athletes. Injuries have been noted to affect all […]

Cheerleading: Promoting Positivity For Coaches

Cheerleading: Promoting Positivity For Coaches Experience has shown that a positive environment in any sport or recreational activity helps your athletes practice and perform better as well as keeping them attracted to that said activity. In this particular article we will discuss how to best be a positive coach for cheerleaders. Positivity By Using The […]