Staying Healthy During the Cheerleading Competition Season

Staying Healthy During the Cheerleading Competition Season

78422838Because the allstar cheer competition season lands directly in the middle of the cold and flu season it is important to keep yourself healthy and in good shape to perform your best. Let us go over some tips and suggestions to be the healthiest you can during this season. We will discuss hand washing and lifestyle.

Wash Your Hands To Stay Healthy Cheer Competition Season

It is so important to keep your hands clean and free of bacteria and germs. Wash your hands to the point where you can’t stand it anymore than then do it some more. If you are unable to wash your hands at a sink with soap Hand-Washing_large
and water we suggest keeping hand sanitizer with you, it contains properties that will kill cold/flu bacteria. Understand the cold and flu can be spread through the tiniest droplet so avoid touching places that seem like they could be harboring bacteria. Also wash your clothes as soon as possible if they might have been exposed to any virus or bacteria.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle During Cheer Competition Season

Get adequate rest. Your body depends on sleep to stay healthy and fight off illness. Getting enough sleep will set the stage for your body to avoid and/or fight off the nasty cold or flu viruses. Next, get good nutrition. Eat foods that are high in vitamins and are nutrient rich. Also be sure you are staying hydrated; drink plenty of water and/or drinks that are filled with electrolytes such as Gatorade or PowerAde. Lastly, try to stay active. It can be harder to get out and walk because of the changes in weather during this season but try to find ways to get in your exercise outside of cheer practice.

Good luck to you during this cheer season. Keep yourself healthy by washing your hands and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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