Sportsmanship In Cheerleaders

Sportsmanship In Cheerleaders 

As competitive cheerleaders good sportsmanship is necessary to have the most success. Good sportsmanship can mean always-staying positive, respecting yourself, your teammates and your competitors along the way. As cheerleaders, we are visible members in our community that have the responsibility to be an example of positive sportsmanship weather you be cheering for a team or a competitive cheerleader.

images-6How To Show Good Sportsmanship 

Number one, show respect for the opponent at all times. This includes showing tolerance, honesty, and generosity. In addition, it is important to know the rules of the contest and follow them completely. Maintaining self-control and good behavior is also essential in a good sportsman. Lastly and perhaps the most difficult, cheer for and applause your opponents good performance.

Showing respect through sportsmanship can be looked at much like the golden rule, treat others the ways you would like to be treated.

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