Secrets to Cheer Tumbling eBook

The Most Complete Tumbling Informational
e-Book for Cheerleaders!
Includes Cheer Guide to Learning Handsprings
Guaranteed Satisfaction

Finally, just what you’ve been waiting for. After many years of preparation
and combining the experiences of professional National and International
cheerleading and gymnastics coaches, here is a complete cheerleading
preparation training e-Book designed to get you ready for cheer tumbling.

A Complete Cheer Tumbling Program for You and Your Cheerleading Squad
After many years of preparation combining the experiences of Division I
Collegiate National cheerleading coaches, and National and International
gymnastics coaches, here is a complete cheerleading tumbling training program
designed to give you all the information you need and a training program to
prepare you to be the best tumbler on your cheerleading squad.

Over 200 Pages Of Information, Tips and Hints
This interactive e-Book comes downloaded on in Microsoft Word
document format for Windows PC computers. There are over 200 pages of
specific cheerleading tumbling training information designed to prepare you to
tumble at the high school, junior high school and collegiate level. The
information is valuable for current cheerleaders as well as prospective
cheerleaders. The interactive e-Book comes downloaded in Microsoft Word
document format for Windows PC computers

Includes Guide to Learning Back Handsprings
This e-Book covers all the aspects of cheerleading tumbling training that you
need to understand to tumble at your best. It covers not only the physical
aspects of training and preparation, but the mental aspects, psychological
considerations and how to deal with fear.

Basic to Advanced Cheer Tumbling Information
This e-Book provides information and skills for all levels including advanced
skills that will be a challenge for even National cheerleading competitors to
master. Everything from round-off and back handspring hints to the fine points
of learning double and triple fulls.

Complete Analysis and Training Information about Cheer Tumbling
This e-Book contains 12 major sections and over 100 chapter topics which offer a complete detailed analysis of tumbling in cheerleading competitions
including, common errors, learning progressions and drills to improve every
aspect of cheer tumbling training.

Over 300 Tumbling Progressions Listed
Read the most complete and detailed professional analysis of cheer tumbling
skill progressions that you have ever seen. We have listed over 300 tumbling
skills and progressions in the correct learning order.

Completely New Information
This e-Book will give you advanced methods of cheer tumbling training and
information that even your cheerleading coach may not have. There is training
information here that has never before been published. The training program
has been designed with the input of high school and Division I Collegiate
cheerleading coaches, and National and International gymnastics and tumbling

Current and New Skill Improvement
The e-Book provides a complete range of preparation from improving
individual tumbling skills, learning new cheer tumbling skills.

Proven Successful Program
This analysis is offered by coaches who train high level cheer tumblers and is
designed to make you not only successful this year, but to guide you every year
for the rest of your cheerleading career to the highest cheerleading tumbling

What to Do If You Can’t Do Round-Off, Back Handsprings
Cheerleaders who can tumble have a definite advantage. Tumbling is a big
part of cheerleading competitions today. This e-Book teaches you what
tumbling to do and how to cover yourself if you can’t yet do Round-off, back

Just Like Having Your Own Personal Coach One-On-One
Get a training perspective and knowledge just like you were sitting down with
your own personal coach, who has taken the time to explain to you everything
you need to know, and everything they know about training and competing
cheer tumbling. No coach we know has the time or has taken the time to sit
down and fully explain completely what their cheer tumbling training program
consists of, why it is designed that way, and what cheerleaders could do to
greatly improve their practices and skill level. Our coaches have compiled all
that information for your use and you can sit down and read it at your leisure.

Nothing Beats Your Own Coach Working One-On-One with You, But
It is the rare coach who has the perspective and experience reflected in this
e-Book. In fact, if this e-Book is anything like the others we have sold, many
will be bought by cheerleading coaches who want to learn more. You can learn
right along with them and know what they know.

Learn Faster and Have More Confidence
Understanding the information and following the advice in this training program
can allow you to progress in cheer tumbling with more confidence, less effort
and in less time. You can master the cheer tumbling skills and drills in this
program and benefit long term. Or you can skip the progressions and
suggestions provided here and face a future where at some point your bad
tumbling habits will stop you short on your way to long term cheerleading

Special Section Dealing with the Psychology of Cheerleading
Cheerleaders sometimes become fearful of skills, in particular, back
handsprings and round-off back handsprings. This section deals with what to
do and how to develop the type of mental attitude necessary to be successful in
overcoming the fear.

See Improvement Throughout the Years
There are information and training ideas and concepts that will take you
through many successful years of cheer tumbling at all levels of tumbling and

Covers Every Cheer Tumbling Related Topic
This training program covers tumbling, goal setting, motivation, the
psychology of overcoming fear, dealing with your coach, strength, flexibility,
training programs, hints and tips and much more.

Proper Progressions from Basics to Advanced
The e-Book shows you the proper learning progressions for all cheer
tumbling skills and the skills you should be training for the next highest level of
cheer tumbling. It teaches you how to train at three different levels every day for
cheer tumbling and how to predict how long it will take you to learn different
cheer tumbling skills

Training Program Suitable for Collegiate, High School or Junior High
This e-Book is designed to prepare for all levels of cheerleading tumbling
from Jr. High through College. Our program was designed with input from
coaches of all levels.

Get a Complete Education about Cheer Tumbling
Our materials provide cheerleaders, parents and coaches with a complete
education as to all aspects of cheer tumbling and its place in an overall
cheerleading career.

By Collegiate, World Champion & National Champion Coaches
This program and training system is a combination of programs and input from
the coaches of two World Tumbling Champions and a number of Tumbling
National Champions in the former Soviet Union, Russia and the United States
and Division I National Cheerleading competitors.

A System of Training for All Cheer Tumbling Levels
Nothing is more successful for developing great cheer tumblers than instituting a
comprehensive system of cheer tumbling training. Learn what you should be
doing daily to systemize your cheer tumbling training.

See Improvement in Only a Few Weeks
You can work this program five to six days per week for an hour or so and
see improvement in as little as a few weeks. Train this program for a year or
more and you will be well on your way to being great at tumbling.

Learn More Even if You are Already a Cheerleader
Even cheerleaders who are currently on the squad will find this program a
benefit. It provides a complete explanation of the whos, what, when, why,
where and hows of tryouts and cheerleading. Learn what many cheerleading
coaches don’t have time to teach you in regular practice sessions.

An Extra Coaching Edge
This e-Book is like having your own personal cheerleading tumbling coach
preparing you for and leading you through tumbling workouts. Give yourself an
edge and advantage that the others don’t have.

Prepare for the Future
Tumbling is that edge that can make cheerleaders stand out. This e-Book is
designed for prospective and current cheerleaders to maximize their potential
for success at cheer tumbling.

Combines Tumbling Training Equipment Stations into One Cheer
Tumbling System
This training e-Book combines equipment training aspects from the
trampoline, tumble tramp, power tumbling floor and a competitive cheer floor
into a unified system of tumbling preparation. Work the program hard and
you’ll be able to knock out the competition.

Take the Time to Do It Right
Many prospective cheerleaders do not have or take the time to work this kind
of tumbling program or to learn about tumbling in the sport. This program will
give you a distinct advantage over all of them. Following the program gives you
your best chance to be successful in becoming an excellent tumbler.

Information is Power
The information in this program gives you an advantage over everyone else
who does not know what you will know.

Reuse this Program Year after Year
Since the e-Book is designed to prepare you for tumbling at all levels from
beginner through Advanced , you will be able to reuse this program over and
over again each year to reach your next level of cheerleading tumbling. That
makes this program not only a good buy right now but a great value over future

Comprehensive Tumbling Training
The book covers all aspects of training for cheer tumbling, numerous training
tips and hints for successful tumbling progress.

Training Aids
There are plenty of pictures and illustrations to help you understand what to
do and how to do it and motivate you just how to do each tumbling position
and tumbling skill.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Our products are backed by a 60-day unconditional 100% money back
guarantee. The amount you pay for the e-Book (not including shipping/handling
costs) will be refunded to you if you are not 100% satisfied with the program.

Secrets to Cheer Tumbling eBook

Retail Cost $55.95
Download Immediately and Save!!
ON SALE $39.77

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Secrets to Cheer Tumbling


How to Use This Program

Program Overview

An Introduction to the Program
Strength and Flexibility FIRST!!!
Game and Routine Length Aerobics
Cheer Athletes vs. Cheerleaders
Spotting??? Vs. Physical Preparation and Progression
Cheerleading Daily Training System
An Overview of the Importance of Tumbling in Competitions
Under-Utilized Front Tumbling
Efficient Cheerleading and Tumbling Practices Shortcuts are the Longest Route
Check Yourself
What to Do If You Can’t Do Back Handsprings and Back Somersaults

Partner Stretch
Upper and Lower Body Plyometric Training
Memory Position Training
Memory Position Tramp Training
The Importance of Strength
The Importance of Flexibility
Safety Fall Complex
Train at Three Levels Everyday
One Step of Progress Daily
For Safety, Go For the Skill
Equipment Progressions
Video Training Program
Hints and Tips for Using this Cheer Tumbling Program

% of Practice Tumbling Related
Train Tumbling on Trampoline
Daily Training at Three Levels
You Have a One-Track Mind
All Tumbling Is Done In Layout Position
Learn Two Foot Landings First
Whips before Flips In Back Tumbling
Global Learning
Decreasing Radius Increases Speed of Rotation
The Forgotten Position – Open
When a Tuck is Not a Tuck
Over-Rotation is Better than Under-Rotation
No Such Thing as Ideal Technique
Lift – Transfer of Momentum
Arm Lift Sets the Height of the Tumbling Skill
Peaking Skills by the Clock
Take-Off Angle
Visual Spotting
Mix It Up When Reviewing, Step it Up For New Skills
Dropping Arms in Layouts
Open Knee Tucks
One Rep Per Concept Practice for Tumbling
Not a Real Coach until You’ve Thought Before You’ve Taught
Our System, Your System, Some System

Learn Back Handsprings by Yourself -The Back Limber Method
Building Back Handspring Strength
Building Back Handspring Flexibility
Equipment Progression for Back Handsprings
Back Handspring Progression
A Standard Jump, But Backwards
Back Handsprings are A Controlled Fall
Long-Short in Back Handsprings
A Standing Back Handspring is a Leg Skill
Land with Chest (and Head and Arms) Up
Accelerate to be Great
Bound-Up out of All Tumbling Skills
Arm Angle
Don’t Throw Head in Back Handsprings
Back Handspring Step-Outs
One-Arm Back Handsprings
Back Handspring Jumps
Fear of Back Handsprings
Back Up in Progression
Relearn Using Back Limber Method
Build Confidence with Advanced Progressions
Positive Reinforcement
Hypnosis/Affirmation CD

Tumble On a Line
Arms by Ears
Standing, Power Hurdle, Sprint into Tumbling
Feet Close To Hands
A Standing Back Handspring is a Leg Skill
Accelerate to be Great
Bound-Up out of All Tumbling Skills
Lunge and Stretch into Round-Offs and Front Handsprings
Stretching into Round-Off Makes It Straight
Even Hand Placement
Hands Straight or Turned In
Bent Legs – Move Back To Tumble Tramp To Fix
Long-Short in Back Handsprings
For Every Back, There is a Front
Arm Angle
Don’t Throw Head in Handsprings
Basic Tumbling Drills
Head Back in Front Handspring Landing
Spotting Points

Throwing Head
The Importance of Lift
Wide Arm Sets Lose Power
Head and Chest Up on Fronts
Russian Lift Front Tumbling
Front Whips
Learning with Late Twisting
Rotation is More Important than Twisting
Segmented Twisting
Crossed Legs in Twisting
Twisting Arm Wrap Techniques
Set-Up for Multiple Twisting Layouts
Twisting Direction
Arch Snap Twisting
Don’t Change Already Established Twisting Direction
Twisting Perspective
Step-Out Technique
Tuck Open, Pike Open – Early Saltos
Flying Tucks, Flying Pikes – Late Saltos
Visual Spotting Points for Saltos
Tumbling into a Pit
Coaching the Generations
The Role of Spotting in High Level Tumbling
When in Doubt, Cowboy Out
Pit Required
Run Hard into Every Tumbling Pass
Tumbling Out of Saltos

Tumbling Communication – Hand Signals
Bend Knees on Landings – No Straight-Legged Landings
Banned Skills
Potentially Dangerous Skills
Knees by Ears Safety Position

Back Tumbling Progressions
Back Tumbling
Back, Backs
Front Tumbling Progressions
Front Tumbling
Front, Fronts
Combination Tumbling Progressions
Front to Back
Back to Front

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Our products are backed by a 60-day unconditional 100% money back
guarantee. The amount you pay for the e-Book (not including shipping/handling
costs) will be refunded to you if you are not 100% satisfied with the program.

Secrets to Cheer Tumbling eBook

Retail Cost $55.95
Download Immediately and Save!!
ON SALE $39.77

All major credit cards are accepted thru Pay Pal.



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