New Clear Cheer Fear Mental Blocks Program Available

Clear Cheer Fear Mental Program

Thousands of cheerleaders suffer from fears and mental blocks that noticeably and visibly affect their cheerleading and many more have invisible, but mental blocks and fear they feel inside of themselves. Suddenly, cheerleading skills that cheerleaders have been doing successfully for months and years cause the cheerleader to freeze “like a deer in the headlights.” In cheerleading, fears and mental blocks can affect cheer tumbling, stunting and flyers.

A Solution for All Fear/Mental Block Causes/h3>
Sometimes the cause of fear and mental blocks is immediately evident, as when a cheerleader has been injured n a fall and becomes fearful shortly after. Other causes of fear an mental blocks are not so evident. Sometimes just seeing another cheerleader fall, have an accident or injury can cause mental blocks or fear. Sometimes the cause(s) are so deeply embedded in a cheerleader’s past and virtually infinite mind, that the causes are never truly determined. Fortunately, that does not invalidate any of the mental engineering techniques we use in our program.

For Most, Time Has Been the Only Cure

Sometimes, the fear problems can fade over time. But the wait can last from several months to several years and even then there is no guarantee the fears will not re-emerge. In general, impatient coaches, parents and teammates eventually force fearful cheerleaders out of the sport, one way or another. Sooner or later, cheerleaders become frustrated and tired of the embarrassment, humiliation, peer pressure, negative coaching, punishment and negative self-image and self-esteem issues.

Coaches Are Not Sport Psychologists

Most coaches have no real background in sport psychology and deep-seated fears and mental blocks very often don’t respond to verbal and conscious mind attempts to solve the problem. The subconscious mind which controls automatic fear reflex and all physical movement, including cheer moves is too powerful to be overpowered by any inner or outer conscious mind attempts to fix the problem.

Finally, A Program That Works – Guaranteed

After literally more than a decade of research and testing, we offer a powerful new version of our program to clear fear and mental blocks in cheerleaders, in which we are confident enough in to offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. You won’t find that kind of guarantee from any other program or system.

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