Make Your Cheerleading Squad Better By Being More Unified!

In the dictionary, “squad” translated literally means “any small group or party of persons engaged in a common enterprise.”  How does this affect the capability of your cheer squad? It says right in the definition that you are “engaged in a common enterprise,” in other words you all want the same thing. Your squad might be made up of different personality types, ages, gender, and skill sets but at the end of the day you should all have one common goal: to be the best cheerleading squad you can be.

If every individual on the squad lets go of his or her personal desires and instead focus’s on how to help their team, wouldn’t it seem very likely that you would excel as a squad? Why? Because everyone will feel like they belong and that they have a place on your squad and in return want to do their very best for the squad. Because your team all has identical goals this shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Unfortunately, it can be very easy to turn unity into blame and self-absorbance. You might say or think things like “I’m doing all the work or she isn’t doing that right.” or he needs to work on his jumps” instead we might say “what can “I” do to make my squad better” and you may just find that the person you were having these negative thoughts about actually already thinks this of his/her self and is doing their best to fix it already. Let’s discuss 3 simple steps your squad might take to maintain team unity.


1. Restate Your Goals Often.

 Have a clear picture and understanding of what you are fighting for. Each person should know how they fit into the squad and what they must do for the team to be successful.


2. Communicate

. A lapse in communication can lead to fear, anger, and confusion. Simply letting your squad and couches know what you are thinking and feeling can bring your team together through the good and bad times.


3. Follow the Golden Rule

. As it says in Luke Put yourself in others shoes and then act the way you’d want to be treated. When you would want to be complimented, compliment!  When you could use some help, be helpful.


Last But Not Least, Make Sure You Celebrate Together!!


When you and your squad strive to be more unified you can take your team to a place where everyone is self-satisfied and passionate about the sport of cheerleading. This is when you will truly succeed.

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