Cheerleading: Promoting Positivity for the Athlete

Positive-Affirmations-to-Enhance-your-Life-word-cloud-I’m sure many of you have heard the saying “the power of positive thinking” or the “Law of attraction,” meaning you attract what you say and/or think whither it be positive or negative. With that being said, it its not as easy as saying “I’m going to have a good cheer practice today” although that is a good start. Unfortunately attracting total positivity into your cheer life takes consistent practice from the athlete as well as the coaches, and believe it or not there is a right way to word your positive thoughts and speech. I will take you through some basic techniques and show you the “right” way to achieve the most success when using this process.

Cheerleading: Positivity Through Statements and Thoughts

I am going to give some random examples of situations that commonly occur in a cheerleading environment and then I will share how to address this positively and even be as specific as how to properly word your positive statement. For example, let’s say you are a flyer: You seem to be having trouble staying up in the stunt when you are pulling your heel stretch. “I am going to stay in the air and pull a beautiful heel stretch flawlessly.” is a perfect positive statement you could say to yourself. Couldn’t you also just say, “I’m not going to fall?” NO!! Although this does sound like a positive statement it has two negative words in it: not, and fall. If your brain hears or thinks the word “fall “that’s likely what you will do. You must say what you would like to happen not what you hope doesn’t happen. Another example might be that you are having trouble connecting a back handspring tuck out of a whip. You would say, “ I am going land my whip and lead straight into a handspring tuck. You would want to avoid saying, “ I will not pause between my whip and handspring tuck.” Can you see where this statement went wrong? It contains the negative words not and pause, the very thing you are trying to get rid of! You don’t want to think, say or do that. If you or someone you know is experiencing serious mind blocks you might consider our excellent program to help Clear Cheer Fear Mental Blocks. 

Cheerleading: Positivity Through Visualization

More than just thinking positive thoughts, it is can be hugely beneficial to picture or visualize yourself doing the thing you want to accomplish. For example, you might be working on a full twist but you are having trouble completing the full 360. In this situation you might imagine yourself performing this skill exactly the way you would like it to look. It is very important that you picture the entire tumbling pass from beginning to end especially visualizing yourself landing the skill perfectly since this is where you seem to be held up. This is the same for any skill or technique you might wish to improve upon or even a skill you might be fearing. Our mental block program goes into greater detail on this matter. If you are having trouble finding the right visual you might try watching someone else perform the skill either in person or even a video and then replicating yourself doing that same thing in your mind. It is very crucial that you do not let negative thoughts or pictures enter your mind through this process. As mentioned before this can take practice to get it right and train yourself to use the correct techniques but I hope you found this article helpful and gained a little more insight into the power of positivity.

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