Auditioning To Be A Professional Cheerleader

Auditioning To Be A Professional Cheerleader

It is quite obvious that in order to make a professional cheerleading team you will need an enormous amount of skill. But what some people don’t consider is it takes much more than skill alone to make a professional cheerleading squad. You must dress, act, talk, and look the part. let us discuss a guidelines for you to consider before your next audition or try out.

Lets Talk Wardrobe

Professional cheerleaders have an entirely different look than school cheerleaders and even all star cheerleaders. A lot of teams might require a candidates to audition in a sports bra or crop top and fitted shorts and/or pants. most times the color and style is your choice. Its a good idea to pick a color that compliments you and going bright will help you stand out. Be sure your clothes are neat and clean including your shoes. The judges might remember you by your outfit choice and whether or not your clothes were clean and wrinkle free.

How About Hair And Makeup

This is another area where traditional and professional cheerleading differs greatly. In traditional school cheerleading it is often required to wear your hair back and out of your face in a ponytail. While professional cheerleaders where their hair in a down and styled. These looks will vary from team to team. You want to wear your hair down and flowing during tryout to prove you can move freely this way without letting your hair get in the way or bother you. Your makeup should be a bit heaver but still flattering. You might consider fake lashes and a smoky eye to make your eyes pop. Research the team you are trying out for and be sure you are inline with their standards and make sure your look compliments your features.

Your Body Needs To Be In Tiptop Shape

Almost all professional uniforms reveal your midriff so it is important you have a body that compliments this look. This means working out very often and incorporating a good abdominal strength routine. Eating balanced foods can also help on this front, not just for appearing but to increase your energy levels as well. Believe it or not during your audition the judges consider weather or not you would look good in one of their uniforms as they have a standard they must keep. In addition you should be incorporating a great stretching routine daily as it is likely your flexibility will be heavily scrutinized through your kicks jumps etc.

Dance Dance Dance

Professional cheering relies very heavily on your dance skills perhaps even more than stunting and other aspects. If you aren’t already enrolled, get into a dance class both with a group and private lessons to perfect a solo routine. There is quite a different style of dance between school cheering where you use more structure and tight movement and professional cheerleading in which your movements are more fluid. For this reason we suggest you take la few different styles of classes so you are prepared with any type you might need.

Lastly documentation. Make sure you have at least three referrals from previous cheerleading groups your were affiliated with. We would also recommend you have all your tryout documents reviewed and edited by a few different people. You may want to bring water and a light snack and smile and have confidence.

For information on other types of cheerleading tryouts checkout our eBook. Thanks for reading we hope you found this useful.

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